​NATO Gangstalking.

“There exists a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”   
                             —    Senator Daniel K. Inouye (1987)

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Neil Basu


Dean Haydon


Richard Smith


Opinions of Richard Lighthouse

CounterTerrorism  =  Gangstalking

The Gangstalking Boss for London and the UK is Neil Basu.  This is a global crime, and the format is basically the same everywhere.  There are Fusion Centers that are led by a boss, or a Special Operations Group – similar to the London Met Police.  Incidentally, the structure in India has been modeled after London.

Commander Richard Smith is the head of Counter Terrorism Command and reports to the Senior National Coordinator, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon.

National Counter Terrorism Security Office
PO Box 849
United Kingdom
Main switchboard   +44 (0)207 931 7142
Email: nactso@cpni.gsi.gov.uk

Media enquiries
National Police Chiefs’ Council Press Office
10 Victoria Street
United Kingdom
Telephone   020 3276 3803

Contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisers
Contact Form: Contact your local Counter Terrorism Security Advisers


The people working at these Fusion Centers assume, that if someone’s name appears on the Watchlist, the stalking and harrassment is justified, even if it is illegal.  It never occurs to these people to ask – “Why is this person on the Watchlist?”  or  “Should this person even be on the Watchlist?”

U.S. Federal Judge Anthony Trenga, decided that the Watchlist is Unconstitutional, because the FBI failed to provide any shred of evidence, that someone was a “known or suspected terrorist.”

Targeted Individuals are not terrorists.  They are gangstalked because they are whistleblowers and political activists, etc.  The CIA wants them silenced, and the CIA funds this program through the black budget.

Neil Basu

Full named = Anil Kanti “Neil” Basu
Religion = Hindu.
Schooling = graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in economics
First Job = management training scheme with Barclays Bank.
Other Jobs = salesman for the Mars confectionery company
Current Job = Metropolitan police deputy assistant commissioner + Senior National Coordinator for UK Counter Terrorism Policing
Children = 3 teenage sons
Hobbies =  film, sport and motorcycling

Police Jobs History in Order

Beat Officer – Battersea Sergeant 1992
Sergeant – Brixton 1996
Sergeant – CID, 1997
Inspector – CID 2001
Detective Chief Inspector – Homicide unit – 2003
Detective Superintendent – Responsibility for serious and organised crime
Staff officer to Sir Paul Stephenson (Commissioner of the Met)
Borough Commander – Brent
Borough Commander – South London
Commander – Armed Police – 2013 to 2014
Commander – Organised crime and gangs
Assistant Commissioner – 2015 to present day

He’s currently heading towards the UK’s top police job, followed closely by  Helen Ball, a Met Police assistant commissioner, and Dave Thompson, the West Midlands chief constable.

Other Info

Links = ties to India, specifically Calcutta, now Kolkata
Labelled = British counter-terror cop
Awards =  Queen’s Police Medal (QPM)
Firsts = officer of Asian origin to be appointed to the job in the Met
Ideology = Believes sociologists and criminologists should be used to tackle terrorism.

Killed London Bridge Attack ‘Suspect’ Usman Khan
Colleagues say he’s well-liked within the force and by intelligence officials at MI5

Worked closely with Sir Mark Rowley,the previous head of counter terrorism

In 2011 he was in charge of Operation Weeting – the phone hacking investigation,  which resulted in the jailing of Andy Coulson – and he also led Operation Elveden, the follow up probe into allegations of corruption in the media. Costing £15 million the probe resulted in the arrests of scores of journalists, but of the 34 who were tried, not a single one was successfully convicted and the fallout from the investigation soured relations between Fleet Street and Scotland Yard. He was also  in charge of ‘Tuteta’, the computer hacking scandal linked to the previous 2 investigations. Total of the enquires costs =  £19.5 million and were criticised for criminalising journalists.

His first major high-profile Met post came in 2014, when he was appointed Commander – Organised Crime and Gangs. <—- Could have used the gangs he was in contact with ast this time, and re-purposed them for his own gang-stalking needs?

The most-high profile counter-terrorism investigation overseen by Mr Basu in his current role was the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury last year (Novichok poisonings), which the Met says was directed by the Kremlin.  <—- Anti Russian propaganda, as used by MI5 etc.

Current Responsibilities

– He works closely with Andrew Parker, the head of MI5
– in charge of counter terrorism policing for the whole of the UK
– in charge of Official Secrets Act offences
– investigation of war crimes
– in charge of protection of VIPs, royals, embassies, parliament
– in charge of aviation policing


He raised eyebrows when he criticised the ‘Prevent programme’ – which tries to detect and de-radicalise Muslim extremists – as ‘toxic’.


Father is Pankaj Kumar Basu
Father came from Kolkata, India
Father relocated to the UK in 1961 and was married to his mother, a nurse in Wales.
Father died in 2015
Both parents worked for the NHS at some point

Father was a surgeon with the UK police for 40 years <— Important? Did he know about implants then (presumably he did Autopsies?​)


NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC)

NATO’s Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) is a military led, U.S.-sponsored MOU organisation chartered by NATO’s Military Committee. Located in the United Kingdom, the NATO IFC became fully operational in December 2007. 

The NIFC comprises over 200 multinational military and civilian intelligence and support professionals from 26 of 28 NATO nations and one North Atlantic Council (NAC) approved non-NATO nation. The NIFC is directed by the Military Committee to significantly contribute to, but not replace, NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO) key intelligence activities. 

The NIFC remains outside national chains of command and NATO’s permanent and crisis manning structures. The NATO IFC falls under the operational command of SACEUR through his Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Intelligence at SHAPE.

​Some of the names:

Tien Pham (ARL)
Scott Mastin
Gavin Pearson
Graham Bent
Seraphin Calo (IBM)
Todd Karr

Seraphin B Calo, 72
25 Powder Horn Rd, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567  
Related to
Adele J Calo 75 Danielle M Calo 40 Adriana B Calo 36

Defense Intelligence Fusion Centre (DIFC)

Defence Intelligence Fusion Centre (DIFC) is based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire.  DIFC is a joint service and civilian organisation under the command of an RAF Group Captain.



Martin Hewitt


Martin Hewitt



The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is a police unit that supports the ‘protect and prepare’ strands of the government’s counter terrorism strategy.

Counter Terrorism  =  Gangstalking

We’re a police unit with around 10 staff, part of The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).
We support a network of about 190 counter terrorism security advisors (CTSAs) who work within local police forces as officers and staff. Their primary role is to provide help, advice and guidance on all aspects of counter terrorism protective security to specified industry sectors.
(Translation:  These are the Gangstalkers Field Managers.)

We provide the help, advice and guidance to government and industry to protect from terrorist threat.
(Translation:  We perform the gangstalking in local police forces.)
= = = = = = = = =

National Police Chief Council
NPCC LeadershipChairThe NPCC membership elects a full-time Chair, who holds the office of Constable and the rank of Chief Constable under the Police Reform Act 2002. Martin Hewitt is the current Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.
Martin Hewitt QPM
Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council

Martin Hewitt is Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC). He was appointed in April 2019. He began his policing career with Kent Police in 1993 and transferred to the Metropolitan Police Service in 2005.
As an Assistant Commissioner for five years, Martin led frontline and local policing, specialist crime and professional standards. He led the national police response to adult sexual offences and kidnap between 2014 and 2019, and served as a Vice-Chair for the NPCC from 2015 before taking on the chairmanship.
Vice ChairsThe NPCC Chair is supported by two Vice Chairs, each of whom conduct their NPCC role in addition to their full time operational role as Chief Constables. The Vice Chairs act as peer advisors and provide support to the Chair and deputise in their absence.
Giles York QPM
Chief Constable of Sussex Police

As Chief Constable of Sussex Police, Giles York works closely with the Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne,and leads the Chief Officer team for Sussex Police.
Giles started his service in Maidstone with Kent Police in 1990. In 2005 Giles was appointed as Assistant Chief Constable with South Wales Police and in 2008 was appointed as Deputy Chief Constable with Sussex Police.
In 2014 he was promoted to Chief Constable for Sussex Police. Giles is the force lead for Diversity and in this role he has established a network of force champions who lead internally and externally for different aspects of diversity. Giles’s work with the diversity champions has led to Sussex Police regularly being in the Stonewall top 100 employers.
He is the National Police Business Area lead for Workforce Futures and the national leadership portfolio within that. Giles led the implementation of the Minerva programme coordinated through the Niche Development Board. This provides the opportunity for some 22 forces to work towards all using common business processes.
He is the SRO for Digital First, identifying the best way for the digital transfer of evidence across the criminal justice system. He is also the national lead for Intellectual Property Crime.
Giles was awarded the Queen’s Policing Medal in the 2015 New Years Honours.

Dave Thompson QPM LLB (Hons)
Chief Constable of West Midlands Police

Dave Thompson joined Greater Manchester Police in 1990 after graduating in Law at Liverpool University.
During his career in Greater Manchester Police he served from Constable to Assistant Chief Constable. His career highlights included working on the Manchester Olympic bid and leading work on New Deal for East Manchester. He commanded the main policing operations for the 2002 Commonwealth Games at the City of Manchester Stadium including the opening and closing ceremonies. He was also Commander for central Manchester, policing the diverse committee of Moss Side and Longsight. As Assistant Chief Constable he led policing portfolios for Operations, Local Policing, Crime, Information Technology and Terrorism. At a national level he led the 2010 review of National Counter Terrorism Structures.
In 2010 Dave became Deputy Chief Constable for West Midlands Police and oversaw the force’s change programme and led national work on gangs and the criminal use of firearms.
In January 2016 he was appointed Chief Constable and sets the strategic direction for the force within the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Plan. He is committed to delivering a modern policing service that prevents crime, protects people and offers help to those in need. He leads on Finance for the National Police Chiefs’ Council and the Apollo programme within National Counter Terrorism Policing.
He is Chair of the Commonwealth Games 2022 Security Board and was appointed Vice Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council in 2019.
Dave was awarded the QPM in 2014 for services to policing.


individuos apuntados
Individuo dirigido
Personne ciblée
Individu ciblé
فرد مستهدف
लक्षित व्यक्ति
Individu yang Disasarkan
Целевая личность
লক্ষ্যযুক্ত ব্যক্তি
Indivíduo segmentado
Diangkah Individu
대상 개인
Hedeflenen Birey
Cá nhân được nhắm mục tiêu
లక్ష్యంగా ఉన్న వ్యక్తి
लक्ष्यित वैयक्तिक
இலக்கு தனிநபர்
Individuo mirato
نشانہ انفرادی۔
લક્ષ્યાંકિત વ્યક્તિગત
Ukierunkowana osoba
Цільова особа
فردی هدفمند
ടാർഗെറ്റുചെയ്‌ത വ്യക്തിഗത
ಉದ್ದೇಶಿತ ವೈಯಕ್ತಿಕ
ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨਾ ਵਿਅਕਤੀਗਤ
ඉලක්කගත තනි පුද්ගලයෙකි
Individual vizat
Məqsədli Fərdi